Plan Commission Meeting

          February 6, 2023 ~ 6:30 p.m.

               at the Oulu Town Hall

Deadline for applications - February 1, 2023

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Town Official Directory


Jon Hamilton - 715-292-2362 

     6100 Lauste Rd, Iron River, WI 54847



Tim Ciembronowicz - 715-813-7194

     72825 Co Hwy B, Iron River, WI 54847


Ed Burhans - 715-372-8748

     5580 Bayfield Line Rd, Iron River, WI 54847



Diana Reijo - 715-372-4507

     71530 Hoover Line Rd, Iron River, WI 54847



Margie Lahti - 715-372-8870

     4060 Eastview Rd, Iron River, WI 54847     



      Oulu Town Hall - is located at

                2525 West Colby Rd

Discover Oulu!

From the beginning in 1904, when the Town of Oulu was established, the people have been a close knit group with strong support for their community, church, youth and each other. They are known for their strong work ethic and Sisu! Oulu was heavily influenced by Finnish ancestors. Over the years, that influence has been changed with non-Finnish residents and their descendants, making Oulu a family friendly community for everyone.

In ones lifetime the Town of Oulu has been transformed from a farming community to what one might call a commuting town. People now commute to larger communities for employment.

Oulu is located in close proximity to ATV, snowmobile, cross country trails, and down hill skiing. Within it's boundaries, Oulu boasts of a number of fishing streams and is only two miles from the famous Brule River and six miles from Lake Superior. Oulu has a beautiful park with a playground, basketball court, volleyball area, baseball fields and a pavilion. Oulu offers many activities for their youth, such as the Gitchee Gumee 4-H Club, Oulu Community Theater, Youth baseball and numerous local church youth groups.

Oulu is one of Bayfield County's best kept secrets.

It's here for you to discover!