Agenda December 9, 2020

Town of Oulu
Board Meeting Agenda
In Compliance with the Wisconsin Open Meeting Law

Public Notice § 19.84(3)                                                                                                            Sandra Rantala, Chair

Jonathan Hamilton & Duane Reijo, Supervisors

Diana Reijo, Clerk & Marjorie Lahti, Treasurer

Due to the COVID-19 Health Pandemic masks and physical distancing is required at all Town of Oulu meetings.

A Regular Meeting of the Town Board of Oulu will be held in the Town Hall following adjournment of the Special Town Meeting of the Electors on Wednesday, December 9, 2020.

Call to order:

Roll call:

Approval of agenda:

Consent agenda:

  • Approval of bills for payment
  • Approval of minutes from previous meeting/s:

November 11, 2020 regular board meeting, November 14, 2020 Adjourned Board of Review meeting, November 14, 2020 Special Board meeting, November 17, 2020 Budget “Working” Committee meeting, and November 21, 2020 Budget “Working” Committee meeting

Treasurer’s Report:

Unfinished Business:

  • Discuss Laine Road mileage and property
  • Discuss/consider continuing obligations and residual contamination on town property by REI Engineering

New Business:

  • Discuss/consider adoption of the 2021 Town of Oulu budget
  • Discuss/consider assessor contract with North Wisconsin Assessment Service, Inc. as assessor
  • Discuss/consider ambulance and fire contract with the Town of Iron River
  • Discuss/consider approval of employee handbook

Road maintenance report:

Agenda item/s for next meeting:

Set dates for next meeting/s:


Notice Posted:  December 6, 2020          Oulu Town Hall & Town Web Site:

BY:  Diana Reijo, Clerk