Minutes July 10th

Town of Oulu

Regular Board Meeting

July 10, 2019 ~ 5:00 p.m. – 5:50 p.m.

Town Hall


The July 10, 2019 Town of Oulu regular board meeting was called to order at 5:00 p.m. at the Town Hall by Sandra Rantala, chairperson.


Roll call:

Members present: Jonathan Hamilton, Klaus Nieder, Sandra Rantala, Diana Reijo, clerk, and Marjorie

Lahti, treasurer. Absent and excused: None. Town employee: Mike Davidson.


Approval of agenda:

Motion by Hamilton, second by Nieder to approve the agenda as printed and posted.  Motion carried unanimously by voice vote.


Consent agenda:

Motion by Nieder, second by Hamilton to approve the consent agenda:

Approve general fund vouchers 12807-12830 ACH 394–ACH 397

Minutes of the June 10, 2019 regular board meeting, June 17, 2019 special board meeting, and

June 26, 2019 special board meeting


Motion carried unanimously by voice vote.


Treasurer’s Report:   – General – $81,700.41          Tax Account $ 92,004.31


Community groups or individuals:

Jonathan Nelson – gravel bids and sale of truck


Plan Commission Report: – S. Rantala

As requested by the Town Board, the Plan Commission reviewed proposals for Town Uniform Dwelling Code (UDC) inspection services and a Town UDC ordinance. UDC inspection services findings:

Proposals were received from Bob Miller, Ashland and Inspector Rob Agency LLC (Robert

Lietha), Superior.

Both Inspectors are state licensed UDC inspectors.

Fees: see attached fee schedule. Miller’s fees would probably be less on smaller dwellings.

Lietha’s fees would probably be less on moderate to larger dwellings.

Agreement/contract: Miller offered a simple Delegation of Authority document. Lietha of- fered a comprehensive agreement.

Insurance: Miller has personal liability insurance and requires the Town to provide liability insurance to the UDC inspector. Lietha has commercial liability, property damage and motor vehicle insurance.

Service area: Miller’s work area is primarily in Ashland County and a couple of Towns in eastern Bayfield County. Lietha’s work area is Douglas County and many of the Towns in western Bayfield County.

References: Miller’s references were all positive. Lietha’s references were all positive with

several of them being very highly recommended. UDC inspection services recommendation:

Based on the findings the Plan Commission recommends the Town contract with Inspector

Rob Agency LLC for Town UDC inspection services, see attached

UDC ordinance findings:

The Plan Commission drafted a UDC ordinance to meet the State standards for UDC

inspection and permitting for 1 and 2 family dwellings and camping units.


July 10, 2019 Regular Board Meeting                                                                                   Page 2


Basically, a UDC inspection and permit is required anytime a County Land Use permit is required for a dwelling intended for human habitation. Restoration or repairs to a dwelling that does not require a County Land Use permit does not require a UDC inspection or permit.

The UDC ordinance was submitted to the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional

Services (DSPS).

DSPS approved the Town UDC ordinance. UDC ordinance recommendation:

The Town adopt the State approved UDC ordinance


Unfinished Business:

Bayfield County Health Infrastructure Grant:

All work regarding the sidewalk project has been completed and the reimbursement/summary form has been filed with Bayfield County Health Department.


New Business: Gravel Bids:

Two gravel bids received Olson Bros. – $15.35cy; Trusty Trucking – $15.67/cy. Motion by Nieder,

second by Hamilton to accept Trusty Trucking’s proposal of $15.67cy for 1500 yards of crushed gravel, as it is the most advantageous to the town based on quality of material and service.  Motion carried unanimously by voice vote.


Oulu Rock Road chipsealing:

Discussion held on chipsealing Oulu Rock Road.  Motion by Nieder, second by Hamilton to bid out

¾ mile of Oulu Rock Road for chipsealing.  Motion carried unanimously by voice vote. Supervisor

Nieder will supply the clerk with the bid specs for her to advertise.


Replacing town pickup:

Discussion held on replacing the town pickup. The transmission was repaired. Town employee will spec out a different truck. Tabled.


Children-at-play Sign on Airport road:

Discussion held on putting up children-at-play signs on Airport Road. Tabled until more information is obtained. Supervisor Nieder will contact WTA.  Tabled.


Uniform Dwelling Code Ordinance 19-01:

Motion by Hamilton, second by Nieder to adopt the following Uniform Dwelling Code Ordinance 19-

01, effective September 1, 2019.

1.1   Authority

1.2   Purpose

1.3   Scope



1.4   Adoption of Wisconsin Uniform Dwelling code

1.5   Building Inspector

1.6   Building Permit Required

1.7   Building Permit Fee

1.8   Penalties

1.9   Effective Date

1.10 Record Keeping

July 10, 2019 Regular Board Meeting                                                                                            3


1.1 AUTHORITY. These regulations are adopted under the authority granted by s. 101.65, Wisconsin Statutes


1.2 PURPOSE. The purpose of this ordinance is to promote the general health, safety and welfare and to maintain required local uniformity with the administration and technical requirements of the Wisconsin Uniform Dwelling Code.


1.3 SCOPE. The scope of this ordinance includes the construction and inspection of one (1) and two (2) family dwellings built since June 1, 1980; and the construction and inspection of new camping units as per SPS 327.06(1).


1.4 WISCONSIN UNIFORM DWELLING CODE ADOPTED. The Wisconsin Uniform Dwelling Code, Chapters SPS 320-325 and SPS 327 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code, and all amendments thereto, is adopted and incorporated by reference and shall apply to all buildings within the scope of this ordinance


1.5 BUILDING INSPECTOR. There is hereby created the position of Building Inspector, who shall administer and enforce this ordinance and shall be certified by the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services, as specified by Wisconsin Statues, Section 101.66(2), in the category of Uniforms Dwelling Code Construction Inspector. Additionally, this or other assistant inspectors shall process the certification categories of UDC, HVAC, Electrical, and UDC Plumbing.


1.6 BUILDING PERMIT REQUIRED. Before any new construction of a structure or any addition to an existing structure intended for human habitation, including but not limited to: residences, cabins, hunting shacks, bunkhouses, camping units, garages with habitable space, etc. a Building Permit for such work must first be obtained from the Building


Inspector.  Primitive rural hunting cabins are exempted from permitting and inspection as per SS

101.65(1g). New structures that are factory built and factory inspected require a Building Permit. Construction add-ons to new factory built structures including but not limited to basements, screen porches, decks, entryways, etc. may require a UDC permit.  Restoration or repairs of a structure including re-roofing, re-siding, window and door replacement, refinishing of interior surfaces, installation cabinetry, etc. to its previous code-compliant conditions shall be exempt from permit requirements.


1.7 BUILDING PERMIT FEE. The building permit fee shall be determined by the contract between the Building Inspector and the Town of Oulu and shall include the required permit seal fee to be forwarded to the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Service for a UDC permit seal that shall be assigned to any new dwelling, addition to an existing building or camping unit.


1.8 PENALITIES. The enforcement of this section and all other laws and ordinances relating to building shall be by means of the withholding of building permits, imposition of forfeitures and injunctive action. Forfeitures shall be not less than $25.00 nor more than $1,000.00 for each day of noncompliance.


1.9   EFFECTIVE DATA. This ordinance shall become effective, September 1, 2019 upon passage, posting, and publication as provided by law pursuant to Wis. Stat. § 60.80.


July 10, 2019 Regular Board Meeting                                                                                   Page 4


1.10     LOG. The Building Inspector shall keep a log of all inspections completed.


Roll call vote:  YES:  Hamilton, Nieder, Rantala. NO: None.  ABSTAIN:  None. Motion carried by roll call vote.


UDC Inspection service proposals:

Motion by Hamilton, second by Nieder to contract with Inspector Rob Agency, LLC for a one-year contract, effective September 1, 2019.  A contract for upcoming year/s will be renegotiated next year.

Motion carried unanimously by voice vote.


Sale of one-acre parcel:

Motion by Nieder, second by Hamilton to pursue the selling on a one-acre parcel in section 20.  Pin number:  04-038-2-48-09-20-01 01-000-30000.  Motion carried unanimously by voice vote.  Clerk will obtain appraised value and contact the surrounding property owners.


19-20 Bayfield County Health Infrastructure Grant Agreement:

The Town of Oulu was notified they were the recipient of a Bayfield County Health Infrastructure Grant for 2019-20 for $4,695 for the repair/upgrade of the Oulu Town Park Hiking trail to be used to promote the public health and welfare of county citizens. Motion by Hamilton, second by Nieder to accept the grant agreement as presented. Motion carried unanimously by voice vote.


Road maintenance/cemetery/park report:

Gravel was spread on low spots on Airport, Bayfield, Erkilla, and Range Line Roads

Gravel was spread on the east side of Bayfield Line Road and Range Line Road

Culvert was replaced on east Bayfield Line Road

Eastview Road was graded and graveled by Elonen Road

Roads are being graded and shoulders need to be pulled in

Gravel needs to be spread on the road at the cemetery

Park sidewalk is complete, and the topsoil/seed needs to be watered



AECOM/WisDOT – request for performance of self-inspection of the salt shed


Agenda item/s for next meeting:

Sale of snapper mower


Date/s for Next Meeting/s:

Regular Board Meeting scheduled for August 14, 2019, at the town hall, beginning at 6:45 p.m.  Bills will be reviewed at 6:30 p.m.



Motion by Rantala, second by Hamilton to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 5:50 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted, Diana Reijo, Clerk APPROVED: